Application Ligang International Co., Ltd. has developed a weightless quantitative control system and an intelligent human-machine interface controller design, which is used in plastic granulation, plastic bag manufacturing, composite material manufacturing, and plastic pipe manufacturing. Granulator, masterbatch machine and pipe making machine, etc.
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In the early days of Ligang International's establishment, it was mainly engaged in the design of electronic circuit boards and the foundry of bag making and sealing machines and printing machines. It has accumulated decades of R&D and manufacturing experience. Today, it has successfully developed electronic control products for the rubber and plastics industry in the plastic machinery industry. Machines with automated equipment.
Ligang adheres to the concept of "excellence and continuous innovation", and develops a weightless quantitative control system, which is suitable for bag blowing machines, granulators, pipe making machines, color masterbatch machines, and other various extruders.

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